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SoloDallas Europe

SoloDallas® Solo59 "PAF" Humbucker Pickup

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NEW for 2021! 

SoloDallas® now also offering the legendary 1959 'PAF' type pickups, closely matched to the real deal!

Now also available with Molex Quick connectors!

  • Long rough cast bar A5  -  A2 magnet available 
    *please email if you want A2 magnets
  • Carefully selected Enamel 'Purple' 42AWG wire
  • Authentic 'PAF' Pickup Tone
  • Long mounting legs
  • Braided conductor wire and an array of modern hookup wire options
  • Potted in Beeswax/paraffin mixture    
    *please email if you prefer "non potted"
  • Shiny Nickel, Bare Nickel, Aged Nickel, Chrome, Gold and open bobbin available

Variations to be discussed - since every pickup is handcrafted in our shop we can work something out ! Please contact us for any questions. Solo59 pickups are available as a single bridge pick up or as a set. Covers choices are shiny, bare and aged nickel. If you'd like a extra pickup cover in the same finish as your ordered pickup (to match the outlook of your other pickups), you can add it to your shopping cart here.