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SoloDallas® Solo59 "PAF" Humbucker Pickup

SoloDallas® Solo59 "PAF" Humbucker Pickup

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SoloDallas® now also offering the legendary 1959 'PAF' type pickups, closely matched to the real deal! Every pickup is made to order. Shipping normally within one week.

Please also discover our Filtertron to Humbucker adapter kit (To convert a Gretsch Electromatic for example).

Now also available with Molex Quick connectors!

  • Long rough cast bar A5  -  A2 magnet available 
    *please email if you want A2 magnets
  • Carefully selected Enamel 'Purple' 42AWG wire
  • Authentic 'PAF' Pickup Tone
  • Long mounting legs
  • Braided conductor wire and an array of modern hookup wire options
  • Potted in Beeswax/paraffin mixture    
    *please email if you prefer "non potted"
  • Shiny Nickel, Bare Nickel, Aged Nickel, Chrome, Gold and open bobbin available

Variations to be discussed - since every pickup is handcrafted in our shop we can work something out ! Please contact us for any questions. Solo59 pickups are available as a single bridge pick up or as a set. Covers choices are shiny, bare and aged nickel. If you'd like a extra pickup cover in the same finish as your ordered pickup (to match the outlook of your other pickups), you can add it to your shopping cart here.




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