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SoloDallas® All Impulse Responses Bundle

SoloDallas® All Impulse Responses Bundle

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The focus for this new IR bundle has been to offer "Editors Choice" microphone placements, focused towards legendary Album sounds. Also now included Baffled captures for the legendary 'hollow' tones !

For the older IR bundles, the microphone placements were more generic. There was not so much use for the 'duller' sounding microphone placements. This time, we made sure every capture has something unique and perfectly usable. All files are also In-Phase which means they can be blended with each other!

Download a sample pack here.

All SD Impulse Responses in one bundle:
- Solodallas® 1969 "Basketweave" G12M25 Impulse Response Bundle
- Solodallas® 1971 "Checkerboard" G12M25 Impulse Response Bundle
- Solodallas® 1979 "Black cloth" G12-65 Impulse Response Bundle
- Solodallas®  "Pinstripe" G12H30 "100" Reissue Impulse Response Bundle
- Solodallas® 1964 "D-Reverb" JBL® D120f Impulse Response Bundle

A total of 394 unique Impulse Response files are in the bundle!

The new 2022 IR bundles feature a genuine AML Neve 1073® microphone preamp and include captures (close, off-axis, baffled room,... ) from each of the following legendary microphones:

- Vintage Neumann® U67 Condenser
- Vintage Neumann® U87 Condenser
- Vintage Neumann® U47FET Condenser
- Vintage Shure® 545 Unidyne III (SM57 capsule) Dynamic
- Vintage Sennheiser® MD421-U4 Dynamic
- Royer® R121 Ribbon
- Beyerdynamic® M160 Ribbon
- Oktava ® MK012 Small Condenser Room
- Neumann ® U89 Condenser Room
- Audio Technica ® AT4047 Condenser (on 1969 G12M25)

All files come in 96kHz .WAW format with both a 200ms and 500ms length. The download link will be automatically sent after purchase of this pack.

You can find pictures from all placements in the following link. The timestamps of the picture correspond with the filename of the IR packs.

Please read the MANUAL before buying. We do not recommend using an amplifier or passive attenuator line-out because of the poor quality. We have excellent results (unable to hear a difference with a REAL recording setup) with a Torpedo Two Notes Captor device for example. There are many other active load boxes/attenuators (with buffered line outs) that work perfectly!


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