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SoloDallas® SD50 Guitar Amp Head (NOS parts version)

SoloDallas® SD50 Guitar Amp Head (NOS parts version)

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Update 27/11/23: Current wait time is approx 5-6 weeks.
Shipping to be quoted separately upon delivery.

User list:
Nalle Colt (Vintage Trouble), Adam Slack (The Struts), Brett Tyrrell (Airbourne), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies, ..), ...

Limited run: The fully Handwired NOS parts version of the Solodallas SD50 amp built with Mustard caps, Piher resistors, Split turret board construction, ... Including unique Nitro lacquered 'Black Flag' faceplates.

This amp is a modified JTM50 circuit tweaked to give you THE Sound of Rock 'n Roll! 
All builds can be further tweaked on the wishes of the customer.

Below track is played solely on the SD50 amp, using a Solo-71 pickup loaded Gibson SG with a Solodallas Storm:

A Master volume (PPIMV type) can be added as a free option - it will be installed in a speaker output hole in the backside, so this 'modification' is fully reversible.

A Zero Loss (Metro style) FX loop can also be added on request (option). It will be accessible from the back panel.

Can be ordered for any voltage (100V, 120V, 230/240/250V) depending on your location. Every amplifier has a 'export' style power transformer so the working voltage of the amplifier can be easily changed later on. The power connector is a standard 'IEC' style.

Other customised options to be discussed on request. A lot is possible!

Please contact us prior to completing checkout for shipping quote. Since this is a heavy item, shipping will be quoted seperately.

Built to order ! A lead time of min. one month is standard. Every amp is handwired and fully built on order. Contact me for more details.


  • 1967 JTM50 "Blackflag" legendary circuit with Solodallas' mods
  • NOS parts version (Mustard caps, Piher resistors, ...)
  • Full 60's spec split turretboard construction
  • Nitro Laquered 'Black Flag' faceplates
  • EL34 power tubes (2) and 12AX7 preamp tubes (3)
  • Solid-state rectifier
  • Master Volume upon request (+ $50)
  • 4-8-16 ohms speaker impedance selector
  • Stand up power transformer
  • Voltage requirement (120, 240, ..) can be specified when ordering
  • Solid 15mm Birch head cabinet 



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