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The Schaffer Replica® - Storm

The Schaffer Replica® - Storm

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Since we first introduced the Schaffer Replica EX “Tower” (Used by Angus Young of AC/DC, Richard Fortus of Guns 'n Roses, ...) our customers’ most popular request has been for us to create a pedalboard-friendly stompbox with the same circuit.

Well, you spoke and we listened! To our loyal fans who have waited so patiently, we proudly introduce The Schaffer Replica - Storm.  

The Storm features a 100% analog signal path that is nearly identical to our EX Tower that has quite literally taken the guitar industry by storm, hence the name. It perfectly captures our signature “Schaffer Sound” voicing and offers three interactive circuits capable of generating a plethora of tones for every guitar configuration and genre of music. 


  • GAIN knob controls our signature gain circuit that bumps the crucial low-mid frequencies responsible for giving live instruments punch and making them stand out in the mix (think Angus Young guitar tone).
  • BOOST knob controls a powerful pre-amp capable of delivering a whopping 31db of clean boost. This analog boost is perfect for making lead parts stand out, adding fullness to the signal going into the front end of your amplifier or pushing it into oblivion!
  • LIMITER knob controls Ken Schaffer’s signature Opto-Isolator limiter. This optical analog circuit naturally limits the audio signal going into the pedal's circuitry (unlike the complimentary compander circuit which smooths out amplitude after the signal reaches its peak). An Optical Limiter stands out for its very musically sounding compression (fast attack, medium slow release). It allows the player to get additional sustain and fat sounding lead/rhythms without the need for too much drive (which can start to sound fizzy). A lot of Funk players love the limiter too - it's a GREAT tone enhancing feature overall.



  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • High Quality Gold Plated Circuit Board
  • High Quality True Bypass Footswitch (Alpha)
  • Blue LED when effect is engaged
  • Internal adjustable trimmer for pre-setting the max. output volume (boost)
  • Power Requirements: 9-12vDC Center Negative Power Supply (no battery)
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 125B size


Below track is played solely on the SD50 NOS amp, using a Solo-71 pickup loaded Gibson SG with a Solodallas Storm:


Emphatic users of SoloDallas pedals include legendary guitarists John Mayer, Keith Urban, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Chris Stein, Doug Aldrich, Richard Fortus (GnR), Scott Metzger, Isaiah Sharkey, Joe Bonamassa, Coco Montoya, Boris Grebenshikov, Billie Joe Armstrong and Angus Young. Iconic bassists include Pino Palladino, Sting, Rudy Sarzo. Keyboard master Derek Sherinian swears by it on organs and synths too.


Angus Young, AC/DC - Two Solodallas Towers in the Rock or Bust Tour rack

John Mayers' pedalboard on the 63rd annual Grammys, 2021, contained a earlier Solodallas Storm in a Custom Swirl finish

Chris Cheney & The Living End, using his Solodallas EX Tower


And many more...
To be continued



Download Manual

 When removing the back panel of the pedal, you will find a small trimmer potentiometer labelled 'OUTPUT TRIM'. It is set default at 75% from the factory. If you find that the pedal is too 'hot' (too strong output volume boost), it can be a good idea to lower this trimpot (CCW rotation) , which will lower the overall output volume of the pedal, so you achieve a wider range on the output volume 'BOOST' control.

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